releases features to browse, sort, and rank graduate programs

To help you better navigate through the site and to uncover the wealth of information in the online directory, has released new features to allow you to browse, sort and rank graduate programs.

Now you can browse graduate programs by Admission deadlines, Financial aid deadlines, GRE requirements, TOEFL requirements, Location, Specialties for degree programs, Departmental research specialties, and more.

Within each browse feature, there are also various sorting options. For example, in the case of GRE requirements, you can sort by whether the general test is required, recommended or not recommended, the minimum scores for the quantitative, verbal and analytical writing sections of the general test, whether the GRE physics test is required, and the minimum score for the GRE physics test.

You can also rank programs according to several criteria important to your program research, selection, and application processes. You can rank graduate programs by acceptance rate, department size, financial aid packages, research funding, enrollments and degrees granted, etc.

These options will allow you to utilize more fully the vast amount information about graduate programs, and help select the programs that best match your needs. For instance, by looking through the acceptance rate list, you can have a better picture of the competitiveness of each program, and find programs which offer a wide range of degree options and a good financial aid package but do not receive a large number of applicants.

If you are interested in a certain scientific research area, you can find out what degree is offered in this specialty and by which department, and then you can proceed to find out the faculty members specializing in this area.

We will continue to release more browsing, sorting and ranking options to help with your research. If you have a suggestion for a browsing option, or if you see any problems in the data, please feel free to send an inquiry to

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Advice to Students

Apply to as many schools as you possibly can. Maintain your focus but cast a wide net in order to increase your choices when it comes time to accepting offers. Be sure to research the specific characteristics of each program, such as degree length, faculty, class sizes, fellowship opportunities, research specialties etc. as these factors may drastically influence your decision. — Crystal Bailey, Education and Careers Program Manager at the American Physical Society, Podcast Episode #2

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