GradschoolShopper attends Chinese Physical Society 2012 Fall Conference

The 2012 Fall Chinese Physics Conference, held in Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, September 20-23, provided an excellent opportunity for GradschoolShopper to meet hundreds of physics scholars and students in China.

Dr. Julie Zhu at the Chinese Physical Society 2012 Fall Conference.

Dr. Julie Zhu at the Chinese Physical Society 2012 Fall Conference.

The annual fall conference for the Chinese Physics Society is one of the most important events for the Chinese physics community. This year almost 2000 people attended the conference, including over 1000 students, mostly graduate students with some undergraduates, from over 100 Chinese universities and research institutes.

Many of these students or their friends are seeking opportunities to further their studies or researches, as graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, in other countries, such as the U.S. Most of these students had not heard or used the GSS, and they were delighted to find this one-stop site where they can find a large amount of information about most of the graduate programs in physics, astronomy, and the related fields in the U.S.

In a presentation I gave on September 22, I showed multiple screens of the newly released browse functions, to help students sort and rank graduate programs by acceptance rate, department size, financial aid packages, research funding, test requirements, degree specialties, application deadlines, and several other criteria.

Students visiting the GradschoolShopper Booth at the Conference.

Students visiting the GradschoolShopper Booth at the Conference.

Chinese students were also very interested in AIP’s Statistical Research Reports that focus on physics education and employment. They were curious about what types of jobs are available in the Physics Today Jobs site. Dozens of students filled out the survey about and other AIP resources and would like to know more about them.

When looking over the promotional materials for SPS, one undergraduate student from the hosting Sun Yat-Sen University told me that he was organizing the application to set up the second SPS chapter in China. The next day, Dr. Fuli Zhao, the undergraduate faculty coordinator found me, gave me all the application materials, and asked me to bring them back to the SPS Headquarters in College Park, Maryland.

By Julie Zhu, Ph.D, Global Product and Market Development Project Manager,,  2012-09-23

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