A New Magnetic State?

Besides being your best and most comprehensive source for grad programs in the physical sciences, AIP’s GradSchoolShopper.com also features a handful of outstanding programs representing a cross-section of what’s out there in the world of the physical sciences.¬†Today’s case in point: University of Arkansas researchers have discovered a new magnetic state, never before observed.

Photo: Flickr/Oskay (cc).

In what he calls a “breakthrough” discovery, physics doctoral student Dovron Rahmedov collaborated with Professor Laurent Bellaiche and other researchers to explore the behavior of bismuth ferrite under different magnetic and electrical influences. What they found was fascinating.

Bismuth ferrite is a unique material in that its magnetic polarity is affected by its exposure to electric fields, and vice versa. This quality makes it particularly useful for scientists who want to exploit this unusual quality in developing new technologies. As they manipulated a computer model of bismuth ferrite, Rahmedov and his fellow researchers discovered that the material went through three distinct magnetic states – one of which had never been observed before.

Interested in finding out more about the program behind this discovery? Check out the University of Arkansas’ GradSchoolShopper.com profile by clicking here.

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