List of Standard Research Specialties

Here is the list of 48 standard research specialties in Please align your department’s specialties for degree offerings, research funding and faculty research specialties to the following list by selecting the most closely resembled specialties. For department research specialties, you will have the opportunity to enter your referred specialty names and only your preferred names will be displayed in department research sections of your department’s print and online profiles.

Applied Mathematics
Applied Physics
Atmosphere, Space Physics, Cosmic Rays
Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics
Chemical Physics
Climate/Atmospheric Science
Computational Physics
Computer Science
Condensed Matter Physics
Cosmology & String Theory
Electrical Engineering
Energy Sources & Environment
Engineering Physics/Science
Fluids, Rheology
High Energy Physics
History & Philosophy of Physics/Science
Low Temperature Physics
Marine Science/Oceanography
Materials Science, Metallurgy
Medical, Health Physics
Nano Science and Technology
Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems
Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Physics
Particles and Fields
Physics and other Science Education
Physics of Beams
Planetary Science
Plasma and Fusion
Polymer Physics/Science
Quantum Foundations
Relativity & Gravitation
Solar Physics
Solid State Physics
Statistical & Thermal Physics
Surface Physics
Systems Science/Engineering
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Advice to Students

Apply to as many schools as you possibly can. Maintain your focus but cast a wide net in order to increase your choices when it comes time to accepting offers. Be sure to research the specific characteristics of each program, such as degree length, faculty, class sizes, fellowship opportunities, research specialties etc. as these factors may drastically influence your decision. — Crystal Bailey, Education and Careers Program Manager at the American Physical Society, Podcast Episode #2

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