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GradschoolShopper, a service of the American Institute of Physics, is a multimedia resource exclusively dedicated to helping prospective graduate students and graduate departments in physics, astronomy, and related fields find the right match.

There are three interdependent components to this resource:

  • Sophisticated Search Site
  • GradschoolShopper Community Site
  • Yearly Print Directory: Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields

GradschoolShopper.com, with its accompanying book, “Graduate Degrees in Physics, Astronomy and Related Fields,” is a robust, up-to-date resource for graduate programs in the sciences.

Why Use GradschoolShopper.com

  • Comprehensive
    One-stop resource for researching graduate programs in physics, astronomy, and related fields
  • Authoritative
    The only resource whose information is submitted and approved by each department
  • Up-do-date
    All information is re-submitted and updated annually, directly from the departments
  • Thorough
    Profiling the great majority of U.S. physics and astronomy doctoral and master’s programs
  • Specific
    Highly specific information on program and degree specialties, faculty research specialties, funding, and more
  • Global
    Our database is expanding to include more international programs

How to Use GradschoolShopper.com

  • Search
    Our extensive search engine allows you to search for your match in graduate degrees in physics, astronomy and related fields.
  • Explore
    Each profile includes extended information about the department’s degree offerings, research specialties, special equipment, facilities, faculty information, and more.
  • Compare
    Use the department profiles to compare programs’ tuition, admission dates, financial aid, and housing.
  • Contact
    Gain access to faculty members, admission personnel, and recruiters, who can help you research your potential graduate program.
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Advice to Students

The first year of grad school is really hard. Instead of spending time thinking about whether or not you should be in Grad School, spend that time doing your homework. Then after your first year you can think about whether you really want to be there. — Kendra Redmond, Program Coordinator and Assistant Editor, Society of Physics Students, Podcast Episode #1

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